Free Race of the Day


FIRST RACE: 16,000 claimers going a flat mile. A small field of five, yet, here’s the issue, none of these runners are much right now. Yes, HOLLAND ROAD and PIONEER exit the same race finishing 1-2, but it was a BAD race, even worse than the three they’ll face today, so what are we to do? In the end, top choice is OUT OF PATIENCE (#4), not real sharp in his three tries from May to July, but a few positives - Mulhall reclaimed him two back, usually a good thing to see from a former conditioner, facing the worst group he’s yet to line up against, while Pedroza up is a good sign for Kristin and has been for quite a long time. Expecting he’ll push this one from the gate. TWIRLING TIGER (#1) doesn’t like to pass runners, not a trait we like backing, but he does fit here and he can find himself in a good spot down the lane simply by staying on and not regressing as rapidly down the lane, INHERITING the lead late? Again, small field but not a good group.

Hot / Cold Race Trends: none

Win Contenders (order of preference): 4-1

X Out Runners (eliminating on the win end): none

Negative Notes:
5  Holland Road -  We’ll make this one come beat us again.

TOP PICK: OUT OF PATIENCE (#4  2-1 Pedroza)