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Santa Anita Fall Closing Weekend SOLID Efforts (Oct 27, 28, 29)  

TOP PICK finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd in 24 of the last 29 races these past two days.

Sunday Oct 29th WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick CaribouClub        1ST  $7.80

Race 2 Top Pick Instilled Regard   1ST  $3.60

Race 3 Top Pick Red Liva              1ST  $6.80

Race 4 Top Pick Pica                     1ST  $7.20

Race 5 Top Pick NgbrhoodBlly       3RD  5-1

Race 6 Top Pick Little Juanito        3RD   3-1

Race 7 Top Pick TookHighRd         1ST  $8.20

Race 8 Top Pick BlckTieTails          2ND (head loss)

Race 9 Top Pick Lull                       1ST  $6.40

Race 11 Top Pick EddieSurprise     2ND  5-1

Saturday Oct 28 WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick PistlPckPte      2ND

Race 4 Top Pick Saint Dermot   1ST $4.60

Race 5 Top Pick Hoppertunity    2ND

Race 7 Top Pick Rodeler            3RD  9-1

Race 8 Top Pick He’s Stylish      2ND

Race 8 sec choice McKinzie        1ST $9.20

Race 10 Top Pick Spinyatta        1ST $5.20

Race 11 Top Pick WellDvlpd       1ST $6.40

Friday Oct 27 WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Inscom           1ST $3.00

Race 2 Top Pick OntheRight     3RD

Race 3 Top Pick Bolster            3RD

Race 4 Top Pick Craft Brew      1ST $4.60

Race 5 Top Pick HvnlyThght     3RD  9-2

Race 6 Top Pick Dream Tree    1ST $3.60

Race 7 Top Pick Donji               2ND

Race 8 Top Pick Impression      2ND (3-1 nose loss)


$ Selected Win Wagers Log ($20 win wagers)

Invested:     1,760.00

Return:       2,918.00


*Designed to point out advantageous opportunities to profit from basic win wagers.


$ Selected Win Wagers Log ($20 win wagers)

Invested:   $1,000.00

Return:     $1,212.00


Friday OCTOBER 6TH WCHR Results

Race 1 sec choice Scathing                 1ST  $11.80

Race 2 sec choice Coalinga Hills         1ST  $53.80

Race 3 sec choice ChristyJackson       1ST   $4.80  $ Suggested Win Wager

Race 4 Top Pick Pied N True                1ST $24.40 $ Suggested Win Wager

Race 8 sec choice ChocolateCoated       1ST  $8.40

Saturday OCTOBER 7TH WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Snazzy Dresser         2ND  15-1

Race 2 Top Pick Blackjackcat              1ST   $3.00

Race 3 Top Pick Catalina Cruiser        1ST   $9.00 (debut winner)

Race 4 sec choice Americanize           1ST   $6.00

Race 5 sec choice Favorite Trip          1ST   $32.60 (debut winner) $ Win Wager

Race 6 Top Pick Roy H                        1ST   $3.60

Race 8 Top Pick Belvoir Bay                3RD 7-1

Saturday Sep 2nd WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick RedCarpetCat         1ST $51.80 (Suggested $ Win Wager)

Race 2 third choice YesterdaysNew   1ST $22.40

Race 3 Top Pick Tonahutu                   2ND 9-1 (nose loss)

Race 3 sec choice SpinMeAKiss         1ST $9.60

Race 4 Top Pick Coil’s Gold               1ST $8.20

Race 5 Top Pick Solomini                   1ST $4.00

Race 7 Top Pick Spectator                   3RD

Race 8 sec choice StPatricksDay        1ST $3.60

Race 9 Top Pick Cambodia                 1ST $7.80 (Suggested $ Win Wager)

Race 10 Top Pick Jes Jaa                   1ST $9.20

Friday Sep 1 WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Roosevelt           1ST $5.80

Race 2 Top Pick HoldThatSmile    3RD  9-2

Race 5 Top Pick Knk’sDolceVita   1ST $15.40

Race 6 sec choice Speakers        1ST $10.20

Race 7 Top Pick Smokem             2ND

Race 8 Top Pick Guggenheim      1ST $46.00 (Suggested $ Win Wager)

$ Selected Win Wagers Log ($20 win wagers)

Invested:     1,560.00

Return:       2,850.00

*Designed to point out advantageous opportunities to profit from basic win wagers.


Thursday August 3rd WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Mystical Image     1ST $7.80

Race 3 Top Pick West Coast Bias   1ST $4.00

Race 4 sec choice BurnMeTwice    1ST  $13.00

Race 5 Top Pick I Seeit Ineyes      1ST   $6.00

Race 8 Top Pick Spiritual Warrior   1ST  $11.40

Wednesday August 2nd WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick My Perfect Gem    2ND

Race 2 Top Pick Savrola                  2ND

Race 3 Top Pick Bombardeo           1ST $5.80

Race 5 Top Pick Belvoir Bay           2ND

Race 6 Top Pick Jeweled                2ND

Race 7 Top Pick Kimberley K          2ND

Thursday WCHR Results

Race 1 sec choice Jes Jaa           1ST $5.00

Race 2 sec choice LeasRwrd       1ST $6.90

Race 3 sec choice KnzousRhtm   1ST $12.60

Race 4 sec choice RaulRosas      1ST $17.80

Race 5 Top Pick Oh Man              2ND

Race 6 Top Pick SpinMeAKiss     1ST $5.40

Race 8 Top Pick Tweeting            1ST $6.20

Wednesday WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick StealthDrone     3RD   

Race 2 Top Pick St. Reno            3RD

Race 3 Top Pick Arethusa            2ND

Race 3 sec choice Salsita            1ST   $8.60

Race 6 Top Pick Chicago Style    1ST $15.60

Race 7 Top Pick Curlin Road       1ST $21.40

Race 8 sec choice Aura Rose      1ST $11.00

July 21st STUNNING WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Nazareth              2ND

Race 2 sec choice CleanupHitter   1ST  $4.60

Race 3 Top Pick Meadowsweet      1ST $19.20

Race 4 Top Pick Texas Wedge       1ST $10.00

Race 5 sec choice Eight Spokes    1ST $15.80

Race 6 sec choice Blameitonlaw    1ST $10.60

Race 7 Top Pick MadameStripes    1ST $10.00

Race 8 Top Pick Smokem               1ST $25.60

Thursday July 20th WCHR Results - DEL MAR

Race 1 Top Pick Frac Candy         1ST   $6.60

Race 2 Top Pick RmonBroom       1ST   $5.20

Race 3 Top Pick Easy Song          1ST   $8.80

Race 4 sec choice Gummy            1ST   $5.60

Race 5 sec choice CntyLneman    1ST   $9.80

Race 8 sec choice MdnghtSmmr   1ST  $16.60

Over and over, the results speak for themselves!

Friday June 30th WCHR Results

Race 1 Top Pick Kionntal                1ST $12.40

Race 3 Top Pick PleasantAsPie      1ST $58.00

Race 5 Top Pick Hold That Smile   2ND  12-1

Race 6 Top Pick Double Touch       1ST $23.60

Race 8 Top Pick Zillinda                  2ND   8-1





*DEL MAR FALL (including the 2017 Breeders Cup)

"If you play the races from Southern California, check out the West Coast Handicapping Report (WCHR), it's full of great information everyday and believe me, I use it myself."

-Bob Baffert TRIPLE CROWN and Hall of Fame Trainer

"West Coast Handicapping Report (WCHR), put together with exceptional dedication by Rob Henie. His handicapping expertise is first-rate, but of equal import are the stats he provides that give insights into the daily Southern California racing scene. Probably the best daily report in California, since Ron Cox and Don Montillon's Northern California Track Record."

-Excerpt from the classic Steve Davidowitz book, BETTING THOROUGHBREDS IN THE 21st CENTURY

"Successful handicappers combine intelligence, patience, discipline and roll-up-your-sleeves hard work to thrive in the difficult world of thoroughbred racing. There is no quick fix or magic elixir that turns a hopeless loser into a successful player. But what can be of great service is to read the work of Rob Henie, in the East Coast Handicapping Report (ECHR) and West Coast Handicapping Report (WCHR).  Through tireless study of replays, grasping successful workout patterns, and understanding the intention of trainers, Henie's reports are written in a clear, concise, and logical way AND you will learn about the nuances of the game. Personally, I highly recommend his work and would encourage all others to give it a read. I have and I'm glad I did."

-Bob Neumeier 20-plus years as TV analyst for NBC Sports

"In my view, it certainly behooves anyone who wagers on the races at Gulfstream Park in the wintertime or the New York tracks during the rest of the year to read the ECHR. Those who follow the WCHR, the sister publication that covers racing in Southern California, have long known that Rob Henie not only does a terrific job in picking winners, he is adept at finding winners who go off at handsome odds. That is not easy. And best of all, I think, is if you read the ECHR, you not only find out WHO Henie likes, you find out WHY he likes a horse."

Jon White HRTV commentator, simulcast host, and Santa Anita's morning-line maker

“ECHR -  It’s not pretty darn good, it’s great!!  I’ve been handicapping for almost 40 years.  I learn more from your narratives than I do from any other source.  The picks are helpful, but without the insightful narratives it wouldn’t be nearly as valuable.”

- Bill Shurman 12-Time NHC Qualifier

HOLD A SHARP EDGE OVER YOUR FELLOW HORSEPLAYERS with the WCHR, as well as the ECHR (Saratoga,Gulfstream, Belmont) www.eastcoasthorseracing.com

Since 2002, the WCHR has been known for DOUBLE DIGIT WINNERS and FIRST TIMERS, combined with Handicapping Lessons in each report!


LAST MEET: *Our TOP PICK at the recently concluded DEL MAR FALL MEET, showed a POSITIVE 10% ROI on ALL TOP PICKS at the Meet, something the WCHR and ECHR are known for!

Invest in the package that works for you, and we'll do the rest, emailing you the report the night before the races.


*Sharp Daily Analysis of all races
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*First Timer Notes

Many of you are likely aware of the reputation of both the WCHR and ECHR with regard to first timers. Our handicapper Rob Henie doesn't use ANY clocker reports. He relies on years of breaking the code with trainers on both coasts, understanding their patterns to determine whether a horse is live at first asking. 

During the Winter and recently concluded Spring Meet at Santa Anita, there were of 57 debut winners and the WCHR had 39 of the 57 as either our TOP PICK or SECOND CHOICE.

  2017 West Coast Handicapping Report
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